Hong Kong: Shipping regulations

Like any leading maritime nation Hong Kong has developed an extensive legislative framework to regulate the maritime industry.  This framework is comprised of both local laws and international conventions.


It is impractical to summarise all the regulatory and compliance duties imposed upon those vessels that are either registered with the Hong Kong Shipping Registry, or whose operation brings them within Hong Kong’s territorial waters.  Issues of adherence to, or breach of, such regulations will be very fact specific.  The devil, as they say, is in the detail.

Probably the three most important areas for ship owners to be aware of in the day to day operation of their vessels within Hong Kong waters are emissions, ballast water treatment and maritime labour laws.

In addition, those operating within the container/liner industry will need to be aware of the impact that the imminent container weighing requirements which will be imposed under SOLAS will have.

Please click on the relevant link below for summaries of the position under Hong Kong law in respect of each of these four areas:

Ballast water treatment

Container weighing requirements (SOLAS)


Maritime labour laws

Should you have any questions on any other aspect of Hong Kong’s “ship related” regulation then please do not hesitate to contact any member of our team.

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