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Delivering cargo without presentation of original Bills of Lading – Minimising Risk for Carriers
Original bills of lading (“OBL”) act as proof of title over cargo. Read more

Ship deck bridge cropTechnology ahoy! Shipping and the cult of paper
Despite advances in technology, shipping remains a traditional industry, with a particular fondness for paper.  Read more

Ballast cropBallast Water Management Convention enters into force imminently
IMO International Convention for Control of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments now has 61 contracting states.  Read more

rig sunset cropCorruption risk in the port sector
In both 2014 and 2016, The Economist magazine published a Crony Capitalism Index that included the port sector.  Read more

Singapore night blue cropSingapore: Amendments to MLC 2006
Compulsory Provision of Financial Security for the Repatriation of Abandoned Seafarers and Work Injury Compensation. Read more

Infographic 2017 ship regulations cropInfographic: Key Shipping Regulations – 2017 and onwards
Our timeline highlights some of  the key regulatory amendments which will come into effect in the coming years. Read more

Oscars cropWhat do the Oscars and the Maritime Industry have in common?
In my mind the Oscars are to do with the celebration of excellence in the film industry… Read more

london-city-river-cropThe LMAA Terms revised – LMAA Terms 2017
The LMAA publishes revised version of its terms of procedure, effective in respect of all appointments made on or after 1 May 2017. Read more

vessel-generic-cropBallast Water Management Convention enters into force on 8 September 2017
Convention has 53.30% of the world’s merchant fleet. Read more

bremen-port-cropITF measures and strikes against foreign vessels in German ports
We have seen an increasing number of boycotts and strikes against vessels under foreign flags in German ports by the ITF. Read more

Ship being scrapped, Alang, Gujarat, IndiaScrapping ships, drilling rigs and other offshore assets
Ships, drilling units and other offshore assets almost inevitably contain quantities of hazardous substances. Read more

container-ship-horizon-cropUK Shipping Regulatory Update
In recent years, vessel operators and their insurers have had to address increasing regulatory demands. Read more

vessel-sunset-cropSix months on – SOLAS Container Weight Verification: an update
Now that the regulations have had time to bed in, the industry is able to assess the impact of the Regulations. Read more

singapore-aerial2-cropThe mandatory use of mass flow meters for bunkering in Singapore
From 1 January 2017, all physical bunker suppliers in Singapore must deliver bunkers using mass flow meters. Read more

jebel-ali-cropImplementation of MARPOL waste management regulations in the Port of Jebel Ali 
DP World signs a Memorandum of Understanding. Read more

singapore-ships-cropAn application of the Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements in Singapore
How did CCAA change the outcome and what can you do? Read more

brexit-imageWhat could Brexit mean for the shipping industry?
Following the victory of the Conservative Party in last May’s general election, British Prime Minister David Cameron… Read more

Container portContainers: “heavies over lights” a thing of the past?
On 1 July 2016, the amendments to Chapter VI Regulation 2 of the Safety of Life at Sea Convention (“SOLAS”) will become effective. Read more

Princess cruise cropMCA investigates alleged MLC breach – would your ship pass?
The English High Court has ruled on a claim for judicial review of a decision made by the MCA regarding… Read more

Maersk distance cropBIMCO launches new Cyber Security guidelines
On 5 January 2016, BIMCO launched guidelines aimed at preventing cyber security breaches on board ships. Read more

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