The increasing amount and complexity of compliance requirements has emerged as a significant risk for Company Boards and their constituent Directors. An effective compliance programme can enhance company performance and profitability through risk reduction, reduced claim severity, and lower penalties when violations do occur. Conversely, a deficient compliance programme is potentially fatal for the business and can result in increased liabilities, harmful management distractions, and negative publicity.

This page is dedicated to hot topics which company boards ought consider to anticipate the impact of regulation on businesses and ensure that directors fulfil their personal responsibility to make decisions in the best interests of the company.

Q&A cropInce Compliance and Health Check : Want to know more?
Allowing us to maintain a platform which gives you access to the latest relevant compliance and regulatory information. We want to share our knowledge and approach to compliance with you. Read more

maternity-leave-cropMaternity regulations in the UAE
In 2016, there have been some positive changes to the UAE’s maternity regulations. Women working in the public sector will benefit from an extended maternity leave of up to three months. Read more

fortheboardroomSix steps to implementing an effective anti-corruption policy
At the Global Anti-Corruption Summit held in London on 12 May 2016, world leaders pledged to unite in the fight against corruption. Read more

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