Chess- CompetitionAntitrust and competition issues are increasingly challenging to businesses who trade internationally. Understanding and being able to carve through the complexity of merger control, licensing and distribution, intellectual property, restrictive practices, abuse of dominance, cartel investigations and damages claims, compliance, state aid, liberalisation, privatisation, public procurement and trade.

Please click here for anti-trust and competition jurisdictions from around the globe, plus links to team members who specialise in this area.

hk-offices-icHong Kong Competition Law – Surviving a dawn raid
Since the Competition Ordinance came into force slightly over four months ago, the Competition Commission has received more than 750 complaints. Read more

hk-night-icHong Kong competition law: considerations for the shipping industry
In this article, we summarise the rules of the Ordinance and then consider their potential impact on the shipping sector. Read more

China flagDevelopments in Chinese Competition laws
We are now into the eighth year of China’s Anti-Monopoly Law (“AML”) and anti-trust enforcement investigations in the PRC. Read more

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