Anit BriberyProsecutions for corruption and bribery are increasing. Do you know what constitutes a bribe? Do you understand all the new legal rules and government crackdowns? The net is much wider now. Seemingly innocent areas – entertaining your clients, procuring goods and the general operation of your business – are all areas which could be under scrutiny. It is more important than ever that your business complies with the relevant laws and current best practice.

Please click here for anti-bribery jurisdictions from around the globe, plus links to team members who specialise in this area.

~Ship underway viewed from bow_2014 smallCROP

Anti-corruption enforcers close in on shipping and energy sectors
September 2017 proved to be a busy month for enforcement authorities, including the UK Serious Fraud Office (SFO).
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bribery-money-grab-cropShenzhen promotes anti-bribery through Honesty Certificates
China’s high profile campaign against corruption is now nearly four years old. During this time, the campaign introduced political and legislative reforms.  Read more

dominoes-corruption-cropSFO entitled to disclosure of corporate’s internal documents
Court found SFO was entitled to disclosure of certain documents from a multinational corporate that was subject to an ongoing SFO criminal investigation resulting from allegations of international fraud, bribery and corruption. Read more

world-hands-cropTransparency International releases Corruption Perceptions Index 2016
Transparency International (TI), the international non-governmental organisation that monitors corruption around the world, published its latest annual Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), for 2016, on 25 January 2017. Read more

rolls-royce-jet-engine-turbine-cropRolls Royce bribery allegations settled by Deferred Prosecution Agreement
After a five year investigation by the UK’s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and other foreign authorities into allegations of significant bribery and corruption against Rolls Royce, a settlement has been reached. Read more

dubai-skyline-night-cropUAE issues new law on Combating Commercial Fraud
This law has been in the making for a few years now and it replaces the previous law on Combating Fraud in Commercial Transactions issued in 1979. Read more

hong-kong-sparks-cropHong Kong Court of Final Appeal clarifies scope of agency and non-financial advantages 
Individuals and companies alike need to be aware that they could assume obligations towards a third party if they are acting in respect of that third party’s affairs, even if there is no contractual relationship. Read more

houses-of-parliament-dusk-cropUK Gov considers “failure to prevent economic crime” offence
Should the consultation prove to be a success, the planned offence, which will adopt the principles of the existing corporate offence under the UK’s Bribery Act 2010, is expected to be enacted this year. Read more

dominoes-corruption-cropFrance adopts a new bill to fight against corruption
Anti-corruption policies have proved to be rather ineffective over time: no French company has been condemned for corruption so far. Read more

bribery-money-grab-cropISO 37001 – A new anti-bribery benchmark for business and prosecutors
In October 2016, the International Standards Organization (“ISO”) published a new standard for anti-bribery management.
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singapore-skyline-cropConvicted on singles’ day 
Yak Yew Chee became the first individual to be convicted in the probe surrounding Malaysian state fund 1MDB.
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china-flag-2016-cropChina get serious in its fight against bribery and corruption
The Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate jointly issued an interpretation on several issues.
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bimco-icNew BIMCO anti-corruption clause is a welcome step forward
BIMCO aims to provide the shipping industry with a wording that balances owners’ and charterers’ responsibilities.
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Kevin CooperFirst ever DPA for corporate bribery offence for foreign subsidiary
The Rt. Hon. Sir Brian Leveson approves the first Deferred Prosecution Agreement in English legal history.
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Bribery handshake cropNew tools for tackling corruption and navigating anti-corruption laws
Recent months have seen a number of key developments in the area of anti-bribery and corruption for our clients.
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