Maersk cropCybersecurity. Wannacry; now Petya.  What steps have you taken to protect your business?
Serious risks cyberattacks carry for all companies.  Read more

Data EU keyboard cropGDPR – What’s new?
Developments in the UK’s approach towards cyber security will seek to maintain some form of equivalence with the EU’s model. Read more

Hacker cropCyberattacks make companies and governments WannaCry
This weekend’s global cyber-attack, for those working within cyber-security, came as little surprise. Read more

Cyber Germany crop.jpgNew standard conditions for cyber insurance released by the German Insurance Association only partly eligible for the market
GDV releases standard conditions for German market.  Read more

Data cropUnderstanding the Implications of Cyber Insurance
One of the most frequent questions received by CCW Global is “what is Cyber Insurance, and why do we need it?”  Read more

Movement cyber cropUK Government issues Cyber Security Regulation and Incentives Review
Follows extensive consultation with stakeholders. Read more

cyber-padlock-screen-crop“Nothing is certain but Death, Taxes and Cyber-attack”
It is no longer a question of ‘if’ your business will be subjected to a cyber-attack; but a question of ‘when’. Read more

cyber-hand-cropCybersecurity in France – NIS Directive
The Directive on Security of Network and Information Systems was adopted by the European Parliament on 6 July 2016. Read more

cyber-padlock-keyboard-cropPRA Considers Cyber Insurance Underwriting Risk
The continued dependence on network-based systems means that all businesses are increasingly exposed to cyber risks. Read more

cyber-risk-security2Prudential Regulation Authority Issues Consultation Paper on Cyber Insurance Underwriting Risk
Consultation paper issued on Nov 14 by the PRA. Read more

Mind the gap cropCyber risk – mind the gap!
Cyber risks can cause potentially far reaching and devastating consequences for all aspects of business and trade. Read more

Maersk distance cropBIMCO launches new Cyber Security guidelines
On 5 January 2016, BIMCO launched guidelines aimed at preventing cyber security breaches on board ships. Read more

Computer codeCyber risk – issues involving physical damage
The harsh reality is that exposures to cyber risk are serious, are here to stay and seem only to be getting worse. Read more

Security cyberExposures to cyber risk for non-cyber insurers
The World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report places ‘cyber attacks’ as the technological risk of highest concern. Read more

Singapore Marina BaySingapore: An overview of the new Cyber Security Bill
From hacking into international money transfer systems to phishing email accounts, cyber criminals have… Read more