doha-2366127_1920cropThe embargo on Qatar and its international law implications
The four “embargo states” explained their decision on grounds of national security and stability concerns. Read more

shutterstock_654492322cropThe impact of the decision to close the airspace of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and UAE to Qatar
Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE sever ties with Qatar. Read more

Rolls Royce bribery allegations settled by DPA
Settlement reached after five year investigation into allegations of bribery and corruption against Rolls Royce. Read more

brexit-plane-landing-crop-ic2Future impact of EU legislation affecting the aviation industry
The EU has produced a large body of regulations affecting the aviation industry. Read more

A small airplane in front of a rayblowed sky

CAA – electronic identification of light aircraft
New proposals from the CAA have now been released regarding light aircraft. Read more

Brussels terror attacks

Terrorist attack at Brussels Airport
Airports are among the most controlled public spaces in the world, but terrorist attacks can still occur.  Read more

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