Ince Compliance and Health Check: Want to know more?

The Ince Compliance website was launched in May 2016 to provide a range of risk and compliance resources. It allows us to maintain a content-rich platform, which gives you easy access to the latest relevant compliance and regulatory information. We want to share our knowledge and approach to compliance with you.

  1. How is the Ince Compliance initiative helping our clients?                                               

Keeping pace with the increasing amount of compliance and regulatory requirements can be daunting but our compliance expertise and access to the website provides you with an “at a glance” source from which you can then contact our experts for deeper analysis and advice your specific issues. Compliance issues are often complex and fast-moving.  They sometimes find their way into the “too difficult” part of the inbox. We understand that time and the lack of a skill specialist is often the barrier in dealing with these issues. When we were describing the services we are able to provide to one client, he replied: “you’ve just described the “to-do” list on the whiteboard in my office!”.

  1. What is the Ince Compliance Health Check?

We have been delivering compliance and regulatory Health Checks and cyber-security Health Checks to clients as part of a 4 Phase support programme. The scope of our Health Checks cover:

Phase 1: a fixed-fee gap analysis of your compliance and regulatory policies and procedures, resulting in a change recommendation report.

Phase 2: You tell us what areas you want us to cover and prioritise, and we provide the tailored policies and procedures.

Phase 3: Training and implementation support.

Phase 4: Continuing support and regular monitoring and updating.

  1. What makes Ince & Co’s Compliance Health Check and compliance practice  stand out?

Across our international offices, we have experts in all relevant areas who understand not just the law, but also commercial and political issues. We stay on top of fast-moving compliance developments: a great example of this is the support we have been providing to our clients whose business interests have been affected by the Qatar embargo.  We support your senior managers and compliance professionals, allowing you to manage risk and “sleep easy”, knowing that compliance support is readily accessible.

  1. Would you benefit from our Compliance Health Check?

All organisations, large or small, need to deal with compliance issues. The consequences of not doing so can include fines, reputational damage, business interruption and even imprisonment. Allocation of time, budget and people resources to deal with compliance is essential.  If you see compliance as a continuing business requirement rather than a “tick box” exercise, you will value the strategic and advisory support we can provide.

  1. What are our future plans for supporting your regulatory and compliance matters?

The Health Check products provide us with a detailed insight into your organisation and enable us to build and maintain long term compliance relationships. Always on the move, we are expanding our practice to better cover issues relating to environmental and health and safety and regulatory investigations and prosecutions.

The Ince Compliance core team of partners includes: Rory Macfarlane, Suyin Anand (in Hong Kong), Kevin Cooper, Simon Cooper and Rebecca Thornley-Gibson (in London). If you would like to find out more about Ince Compliance and how it can benefit your business, please speak to one of the team.

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